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Carding BY @Mr.13u4y4l4ut

What is Carding..? 
Carding is one type of mobile hacking. With help of Carding u can get anything online with free of cost..... Means from some one credit card means cc it will pay and ulluget free.. 
Tools required for Carding 
1- one rooted mobile 
   If ur phone is not rooted then go to Google and search how to do it.. There will be many softwares to root ur phone 

2- Working cc
   Cc means credit card which should be live... 
   From where u buy? 
   Cc buying sites 

3- Socks 
  It's and important point 
 U have to match socks with the cc
Socks connect Vpn or Hma or Droid from which u can change ip Adress and nobody can know ur location 
For Vpn where to buy socks? 
From here u can buy
From here u can buy socks and be aware match socks with cc info only means buy socks that match with cc state. 
4- Full network Internet 
   Means there should be a full network like 3g/4g so that process will go fast 
          CARDING   METHOD 
- Here I'll show u Carding method of Amazon.... How to card Amazon? 
-1-  first of all u open ur chrome browser and clear its data ..
2- then open Vpn and connect it.. 
   While connecting Vpn.. 
proxy Host = Socks5
Proxy Port =Socks 5
Proxy Type =Socks5
In all do it ⤴ like this.. 
proxy host:127. 0.0.1
Proxy Port :8080
proxy type :1
After doing all setting click Ohk and connect VPN.... 
3- now in ur chrome browser open Amazon.com.. 
4- now create account in it... Beware make account off cc name only with full details like birth date and all.... Otherwise ur account may be blocked.. 
5- any product u want to buy put it in cart for 3-5 hours and then log out... 
6- after 3-5 hours once again u connect Vpn through socks and open Amazon account through log in... 

Process the order... 
Fill ur name and Adrees... 
Now do payment.. 
While doing payment.. Enter full cc details.. 
Ur order will be delivered in 3-5 working days.. 
Note -  in Adrees don't put ur original Adrees put ur nearby adreess.. So from it u will be safe.. 
And yes.. CARDING   IS   CRIME... 
FROM IT u can be punished also.. 
11. CVV
while buying cc ull get ⤴ this details.. All these will be come in ur email.. So don't share it.... 

Many people say what is bins.? 
So come I'll show what are bins 
... When u buy any credit card it will be different of different state... 
Though credit card we can know about bins.. 
BINS is 6 digit no. 
Credit card No :
In it the first 6 digit no. Is bins.. 412163..
In simple language bins is postal code and it is different if different state.. 
From it is easy to buy matching socks of cc...

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